Our Story

Growing up, Rachaels Dutch grandmother, Oma, was a tailor. She watched her meticulously making all her grandchildrens clothes.  “I would adore exploring her collection of fabrics, lace and embellishments and she fostered my love of beautiful, vintage inspired pieces” says Rachael.  

By 2003 she was following in her Oma's footsteps, designing her own ladies wear collections and selling them at local Brisbane markets and festivals.  When her beautiful daughter Lilly was born, she was inspired to create timeless pieces that captured the romance of days gone by, and from that “ Lilly and Lotus” was born. 

Trading at the local markets, the business quickly grew. “ Nothing makes me happier than seeing little girls try on their dresses for the first time, with eyes sparkling, I know they are ready to create their own fairy tale”